River + Leo | Engagement

From our first consultation over the phone, I knew that River and I would get along splendidly.  She’s a retro girl at heart, and let’s face it, so am I.  When starting discussing their engagement session, I knew it would be perfect.  A picnic, an old Bronco, and all the vintage styling.  I just didn’t realize how perfect until I arrived the day of their session.  River’s mom owns an antique shop in Wabash and they had styled the session perfectly right down to the cokes in the cooler and the records on the record player.  The only down side was the copious amounts of water and mud from all the previous day’s rain.  But they were so sweet, they had even thought to bring a pair of boots for me.

I was not expecting the sweet little camper, but it was perfect.   They actually use the camper to travel to flea markets and antique shows.  A perfect cozy little get away for the two of them for their engagement session.  And River’s boots!  1970’s vintage and the embroidery was gorgeous.  We were very careful not to get them all muddy when she and Leo were dancing under the trees.  Daryl Hall and John Oates, “You Make My Dreams” was the song of choice and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening.

I am very much looking forward to their October wedding this year.  River has already given me some inside information on her dress and it suits her perfectly.  Stay tuned!

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