Fort Wayne Maternity Session | Samantha

Sometimes we all have an off day.  Unfortunately the day of Samantha’s session was one of those for me.  The weather was overcast and I knew that I was not going to get any golden hour of any kind.  I was disappointed.  The worst moment was when I arrived at my storage unit to retrieve the gowns that Samantha had requested for her session.  As I have a LOT of gowns, I keep them in a separate storage area.  I do keep a few of my most requested gowns in my vehicle so I have them.  However, this was not the case for this particular session.  My anxiety is still real as I type this.  When I arrived at the facility, I could not locate my keys.  I’m a very organized individual.  This never happens to me.  So I called the hubby, who is notorious for losing things.  He could tell I was losing my mind, but had no helpful information.  He did not have my keys.

I had no choice but to suck it up and head to the location and let Samantha know that I did not have the gown she requested.  I felt horrible!  Needless to say, our first impression was one of total frustration and apology on my part.  Samantha, bless her heart, was sympathetic to my plight.  She was so gracious in accepting my apology.  She then turns around and produces this outfit.  “I did bring this outfit and a hat if you think it would work.”  I could have hugged her!  It was absolutely perfect.

After I got myself together, the session just flowed.  Samantha is just breath taking and you can see her glow.  Her and her husband tolerated my hot mess of a situation and went with it.  It was perfection.  Oh and that golden hour sunset I so desperately wanted?  Didn’t need it.  It was getting ready to rain at the end of their session and the sky turned a gorgeous pink color.  And Samantha, again bless her heart, asks, “do you still want me to get in the water?”  Why, yes, yes I do!!

Oh, and those keys?  When I got into my office the next day, they were lying on the floor next to my desk.  Yes, I apologized to the hubby :-).


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