We met Anna and Ben on the flight from Detroit to Iceland.  As we were talking and passing the time, they explained they had rented a camper van and were going to be exploring the island for ten days without a schedule and leading the nomadic life.  This sounded like such a good time!  When […]

A little rain did not stop the joy on Clarice and Mike’s wedding celebration!  Surrounded by family and friends in a circle, they recited their own vows and pledged their commitment to one another.  It was a pleasure to be able to capture the love that these two share.  Oh, and dinner was breakfast, complete […]

  It was cold, windy and got real dark, real fast, but that didn’t stop us from having a really good time at Matt and Victoria’s engagement session.  We did a little downtown dancing and snuggling and then proceeded to warm up with a little coffee (and steamy lenses) in Fortezza Coffee downtown.  Victoria’s laugh […]

It was very cold and we had our first dusting of snow, but that did not stop family and friends from coming out to celebrate the love and marriage of Kayleigh and Lance.  The Fall decorations were beautifully displayed with prominent white pumpkins grown by the Bride’s family.  After a lovely ceremony it was off […]

Love….to find it is a blessing. To be comfortable in it is a luxury. To celebrate it is joy. I was so honored to have been asked to capture a love story that is as true and pure as Andy and Kate’s. They share many of the same things in life but are two halves […]

I was delighted to meet Lauren and Andy for their engagement session.  Lauren has done her fair share of traveling and we all know that is what I love to do.  She used to live in Hawaii!  I still cannot understand the need to move to Indiana :-).  When Lauren indicated Andy was a Line […]

It had been raining all week!  When it came time for Lauren and Parker’s session, we decided to go for it.  The rain held off long enough for them to have a dance party in the flowers and cuddle through the wind.  We had a great time and it was my pleasure to capture the […]

“Here and now we vow to grow together.” Marriage is like a little seed that starts small and full of hope. After years of nurture and care will grow taller and stronger. Corinna and Jordan have promised each other that they will grow together through a lifetime of love. Their journey began on a beautiful […]

  Love at first sight? Just about! Abigail met Nathan for a 6:00 dinner date and has never looked back. These two really are a perfect compliment to each other and it didn’t take long before they knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Their lakeside wedding took place at the picturesque […]

Congratulations goes out to Justin and Jessica! Their wedding day was beautifully planned out to the finest detail. Fun and playful, beauty and grace, Jessica made a sure this day was one to remember. To begin with, she gave Justin a very special gift before the ceremony… a stunning watch and a little note, “Don’t […]